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Why Coding Is Must For Kids?
Brain Development
Coding enhances both critical and creative thinking, and build confidence.
Coding develops communication and collaboration skills to enable your kids to future opportunities.
Entrepreneur Mindset
Coding knowledge provides more ways to identify a technical solution to any society's problems.
Atam Nirbhar India
Code For Future India #AtmaNirbharBharat
  • As per World Economic Forum, 65% of the tomorrow's professionals will have job that don't exist today.
  • Almost 800 million jobs will be displaced by 2030 due to AI impact but coding education will create approximately 890 million jobs by 2030.
  • Also, as per Mckinsey Global Research Institute, by 2030, demand for jobs that require a higher level of cognitive skills such as emotional intelligence, creativity, communication, judgment and critical thinking will rise by 19%.
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Reasons to Choose CuriousJr For Kids?
Quality Content
Effective curriculum for kids, created by largest android learning community founders.
Portable Learning
Download the app and learn on your mobile phone or tablet, anytime, anywhere.
Active Learning
Effective learning needs practice. Learn to code and build your own games and apps.
Gamified Learning
Creating a game feels like playing one, let's code while playing.
Doubt Sessions
Don't worry if you are stuck, we are just a click away to help you
Affordable Plans
Invest in your kid's future, choose best coding courses for kids.
The Team
Amit Shekhar
Janishar Ali
Mridul Ranjan
Zeeshan Ali
Core Team
Sumit Mishra
Core Team
What Kids and Parents Say
Anant Maurya
Student, Class 7th, Nagpur

“This is so amazing app I got from my friend, It is so simple to use in mobile, it is so amazing. We don’t even need a laptop or PC to learn coding. We learn how to code in animation and practice coding after class using blockly in mobile.”

Kaushik Gudisa
Student, Class 7th, Hyderabad

“This App is recommended by one of my known circle and its incredible one. Very easy to understand and learn the concepts step by step. Its really helpful for the beginners and reach to high standards in Coding. I learned the basics of coding through this App without a direct supervisor. I love and recommend CuriousJr to my friends and Relatives.”

Anish Bhan
Father, CRO Retail Insight

“CuriousJr is an interesting App for kids to start their journey into the world of coding. It so interesting and fun that the kids do not realize how much time they put in learning. I totally recommend this app to all the parents.”

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