Top 5 Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is not a new name for us, we are directly or indirectly using applications of it but do we know what actually is artificial intelligence and how this emerging technology is becoming part of our life? Let us understand this technology from scratch with various real-life examples.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial means something not natural or for more understanding made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally and intelligence means the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills, thus together Artificial Intelligence(AI) is one of the best innovations in the world. With the Evolution, Everything around us is getting Automated and AI is playing a huge role in this. AI refers to the simulation of human-like intelligence in the machines that are programmed to think and mimic like humans. The ideal characteristic of artificial intelligence is its ability to rationalize and take actions that have the best chance of achieving a specific goal.

Due to the effect of movies on our minds, most people understand AI as Robots, Remember movies showing machines who can think like humans destroying our planet earth? But they are much more than that. Most people considered it as the Villain of their life as many jobs are in danger but we can't ignore all the advantages we are getting from it. let us understand AI and its application for a better understanding of one of the most important emerging technologies.

Artificial Intelligence Introduction

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

  • Gaming - Games are considered one of the best for our entertainment but do you know how AI is part of these games? There are some games like ludo, chess in which we can play with the computer if we don't have any other player, you might be getting an idea about this and in these games, the computer player needs to take various strategic decisions which are done using AI. We have defined algorithms for these Strategic Games.
  • Data Security - Data plays an important role for every organization, it helps in various pattern recognition and helps in making decisions based on statistical numbers and facts Thus it's security is important. AI can be used for keeping our data safe and secure. Many companies are using AEG bot, AI2 Platform is used to determine software bugs and cyber-attacks which helps the organizations in securing their data in a safer and better way.
  • Healthcare - We all know that health is wealth and for better health results AI is being used. Firstly it is helpful in the analysis, interpretation, and comprehension of complicated medical data. Secondly, It will enable the next generation radiology tools that are accurate and less time-consuming. Third, it will help to extend healthcare services to more areas which include underdeveloped regions with assisting healthcare bots.
  • Social Media - Social Media provides different platforms including various applications and websites for people to interact, create content, and share it for being part of a social circle. Facebook, Instagram, and twitter contain billion user profiles, which are stored and managed using AI as it can store massive amounts of data in a very efficient way. AI also provides various tools and algorithms for identifying trends and requirements of users for providing better services.
  • Robotics - AI plays a significant role in robotics. With AI, we can create intelligent robots that can perform the task with their own experiences without being programmed externally by humans or minimal human interventions. Humanoid Robots are the best examples for AI in robotics, recently the intelligent Humanoid robot named Sophia has been developed which can talk and behave like humans.
  • Education - Nowadays every school has its websites and application which help us to interact with them more often and easily, and chatbots are a major part of these websites mostly queries are answered by the bots. Also, it is predicted that in the future chatbots and robots could be used as teaching assistants. We can use AI for better analysis of students and getting information related to interests and areas of improvement for providing quality education to all.
  • Entertainment - OTT platforms are replacing movie theatres with better options and the most famous examples of these platforms are Netflix and Amazon which uses AI for better recommendation to users for better understanding let me give you an example; you are watching time travel movies, with the AI these platforms use various tools and algorithm to recommend more movies based on time travel which will grab audience attention.

5 global problems and their Solutions with AI

Let us understand more about AI with various problems that are present in our world and their solution with the use of AI:

Problem And Solution Of Ai

1. Transportation - Self-driving Cars were just in our imagination a few ago. but with the emerging technologies, it is one of the best applications of AI.

  • AI in Road Transport - AI could help in traffic congestion or better traffic management, Automated vehicles will give drivers more free time to do their work. A new project on truck platooning is being tested which will evolve the way of transferring goods from one place to another without any drivers.
  • AI in Aviation - The use of AI in aviation is not new news for us but with time it is reaching new heights. Currently, they are working on unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and UAS traffic management systems, using enhanced computing capabilities that could change the whole aviation system in the future.
  • AI in Railways - One of the most telling examples of uses of AI in rail technology is its contribution to the automation of train operation (ATO). It transfers responsibility for managing operations of trains from the driver to the train control system(TCS), with varying degrees of autonomy which is again the use of AI.

2. Energy Consumption - Energy consumption is a huge issue, If not taken into consideration our future could be in dark. AI could help us in smarter energy consumption and even helping.

  • Energy Forecasting - Data is taken from different industries and trained using AI algorithms to make accurate forecasts(predict) which help in informing industrial experts about the power supply and its demand. Through the National Center for Atmospheric Research’s new AI-based data mining method, Xcel was able to reportedly access weather reports with a higher level of accuracy and detail.
  • Energy Efficiency - Simply it means using less energy to perform the same task– that is, eliminating energy waste. We use AI to track and optimize energy usage. California-based Verdigris Technologies offers a cloud-based software platform that uses artificial intelligence to help clients optimize energy consumption. Also, Many data centers need this technique as due to the enormous data they need a massive amount of energy to run servers and keep them cool. Google has used its artificial intelligence platform DeepMind to predict when its data centers will get too hot which saves energy as cooling systems work only at the time they are needed which reduces the Google Data Centre cooling bill by 40%.

3. Healthcare - AI helps in simplifying the lives of patients, doctors, and hospital administrators by performing tasks that are done by humans, but in less time and at low cost. These are some works which AI makes easy and better:

  • Elimination or Reduction Health Record Systems
  • Creating precise analytics for pathology images
  • Bringing Intelligence to Medical devices and Machines
  • Monitoring Health with Health bands

PathAI is developing machine learning technology to assist pathologists in making more accurate diagnoses that help in diagnosing Cancer.

Buoy Health is an AI-based symptom and cure checker that uses algorithms to diagnose and treat illness.

We can use AI in the discovery of medicines like BERG is a clinical-stage, AI-based biotech platform that maps diseases to accelerate the discovery and development of breakthrough medicines.

4. Education - Education provides us the tool that can help us to reach our destination Let us understand how AI is affecting the education system:

More Accessibility - It can help in providing education universally without any language barriers and also helpful for people with hearing disabilities. One of the best examples for this is Presentation Translator which provides Subtitles in real-time whatever teachers are teaching which helps students sitting in different countries to learn some country-specific subjects without learning a different language.

Automated Grading systems and tests - Earlier A lot of time is spent by teachers for grading and taking the test, Although computers can already grade multiple choice questions with the evolution, in no time written responses will be evaluated using AI.

Enables personalized or Individual Learning - It becomes difficult for teachers to give 100% attention to each student in a class of 30-60 students thus some students who need special attention are left behind. AI helps in personalized learning which involves customized learning profiles based on student ability to grab the concepts and previous knowledge.

5. Cybersecurity - By Cybersecurity we mean the practice of protecting computers, mobile devices, and data from malicious(harmful) attacks. Why do we need cybersecurity? The simple reason behind this is for protecting sensitive data like bank account details and passwords. PatternEx recently developed an AI platform named AI2 which claims to predict cyber-attacks significantly better than existing systems by providing data by human experts.

AI in cybersecurity is helpful in:

  • Security and crime prevention
  • Privacy Protection
  • Cyber(related to computers or Information Technology) Attacks


We can conclude that technologies are reaching a new height with every invention and AI is a big part of those inventions by providing machines human-like intelligence helps them to eliminate errors and provides a faster way to operate. We discussed some Applications of Artificial Intelligence but there are many, try to identify some of them in your surroundings when next time you visit any new place. How AI has helped us in solving major problems faced globally and different inventions that particularly help us in that. Whatever happens in the future AI will surely be part of our future. So, grow with AI for a better future.

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