5 Best Coding Apps For Kids

5 Best Coding Apps For Kids

Coding is becoming one of the most desirable and at the same time a crucial element in today’s world that too especially for kids. Coding increases the logical ability of kids and helps them learn a new skill. By thinking of analytical ability, increasing giving their brain a workout that is they will start thinking,g which will help them in a lot of ways. They will begin to think of solutions for coding problems and problems they face in the lift. Also, gradually their thinking abilities will develop and they will start to think out of the box and bring out some solutions and ideas. By knowing to code kids will be able to learn as well as create some fantastic projects such as games, apps, etc. Nowadays coding could be learned in a lot of different and accessible ways.

Moreover, nowadays a computer isn’t even needed to learn to code. You can do it at your fingertips with the help of your smartphone or tablet. There are some amazing coding apps for kids around us. Let us take a look at some of the best apps for coding for kids.

1. Code Karts

If your kid is in love with race cars or very fond of solving problems or conquering challenges then Code Karts is the best app for your child. This app is best for the age group 3-5 years. This allows the kid to solve challenges given in the game. All the provided challenges are very much effective and at the same time, it is very efficient also. Kids will be given meaningful challenges in which will develop their logical abilities as well as problem-solving skills. For example, challenges would be like the racecar given to your child is supposed to reach the finish line before the computer-aided car. Also, there is an app help that is also provided which is basically amazing. This is an app that works on IOS and Android. You can access it through your smartphone or tablet. This is a completely free app to download. There are in-app purchases regarding their subscription and other plans. This is also a part of Montessori preschool which is one of the latest technology right now in preschool teaching. This is one of the best apps for kids in preschool in order to learn to code.

2. Code-A-Pillar

This app uses a drag and drop environment in which codes are in the form of blocks, which is basically block-based coding. Block-based coding is one of the best ways to kick-start your coding journey. It is easy at the same time very efficient also. This app is very interactive. Due to its bright colors, a friendly caterpillar, and very fun music will help children be focused on the game and help them in staying focused on solving the problems. The game is broken down into different levels which helps in increasing the logical ability of the kids. This app can be used on both IOS and Android platforms. This app is completely free to use and download. This is also one of the best apps for kids in KG and Preschool.

3. Lightbot

Lightbot offers three games: Programming Puzzles, Code Hour and JR. Programming. JR. Programming is the main game among the three which costs around $2.99. Code Hour is an hour-long free game. This game is a very challenging one. Even adults get easily stuck on the game. This game allows your kid to give their brain a splendid workout. Kids have to think a lot and work on it so as to pass through the challenges. All the provided challenges are very much hard and in a way it is good for the kid’s brain as they have to think. This app is available on both IOS and Android platforms. The app has free trials but to use it frequently you would need to buy the paid version which costs around $2.99. This app is best for the age group 4-15 years.

4. Curious Jr.

This is one of the best coding apps for kids. This app provides high-quality content that is very much effective as well as efficient to study coding. You only require a mobile phone in order to start learning through Curious Jr. Kids are able to create wonderful games through the very attractive and simple interface provided by Curious Jr. This app is available on the google play store and can be accessed through android mobile phone or tablet. They also provide doubt clearing sessions in order to give you better clarity on what you have learned. This app is completely free of cost, best suitable for the kids studying in classes 6-12th grade. The app is completely free to download and use.

5. Scratch Jr.

Scratch Jr. is an app where kids have a very interactive interface where they can use their wild imaginations to create wonderful things. This has a drag and drop interface where kids can use their imaginations to create games, animations, designs, etc. Scratch Jr. is developing a similar advanced app for elder kids. The current app is very useful and efficient for younger kids. In this app, kids are able to create semi-customizable characters which can move, jump, dance, and sing. They can even also record their own voice and use it in their animations. This app can be used in the IOS platform as well as on an android tablet. This app is best suitable for kids of age 5-10 years. This app is a completely free app to use.


The above are just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of amazing apps in order to learn to code which are both free as well as paid. These apps could be a kick-starter for your kids in their coding journey which may act as a stepping stone of something big. Also, keep in mind that these apps aren’t able to give your kid complete exposure to the world of coding. These apps just act as starters for the main course. It is because coding is a very vast field and in order to excel in the field of coding and you need your effort, dedication, practice, and most importantly patience. Also, Rome was not built in a day. It is quite natural to get stuck while coding or getting multiple errors while running a program. It is all about how you handle things in that kind of situation that will help you grow and master a skill. Remember that whatever you learn in life will never become purposeless. Everything you learn will always become handy one day or the other. To learn anything, whether it is coding or anything, whatsoever, you need to start at some point. These apps can be your starters for something big in your future. Start your coding journey today and master a skill that will definitely help you in different ways in the future. As mentioned above all these apps could be downloaded from Google Play Store in Android and App Store in IOS. Stop thinking and execute what you want.
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Happy Kids!