5 Best Coding Platforms For Kids

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When the pandemic shook the world, learning to code at home became a way for youngsters to turn their imaginations into reality. Kids can now easily learn the skills of programming, coding, software development, web development, and even Python from scratch by just enrolling in numerous online programs. The need for studying coding and programming is projected to rise in the future, and it will take passion on the part of students to do well and succeed in this profession.

In this blog, we will see the following.

  • We will see what the best coding platforms for kids are. The following platforms make learning coding very engaging and fun
  • Why are these platforms the perfect place for kids to start learning how to code

Lets begin.

While many online courses focus on general curriculum themes, some particularly try to engage children to participate in computer coding as an after-school activity. As a result, kids who participate in coding now have better opportunities once they leave school for additional study or possibly a new job. There are more coding platforms than ever before that try to make learning entertaining by providing easy-to-follow video lectures, animations, and simple tasks that get increasingly more difficult as the child's skill levels develop.

Coding has gone from being a fun after-school pastime to a crucial must-have talent in today's environment when we are all surrounded by technology. Coding may appear to be an insurmountable undertaking at first, but it is more akin to learning a new language. As a parent, it may all seem a little perplexing, especially if you come from a non-coding background, but there are numerous tools available to assist parents in bridging that gap and providing a better learning experience for their children. There are many essential talents that children may acquire to help them succeed in life, but few are as versatile and enjoyable as the ability to code. Coding is one of the most in-demand talents in the future. With our selection of the top coding applications for kids, it's now easier than ever to teach programming to youngsters. These programming applications are simple to use and will have children learning to code before they can read. These coding games for kids make coding enjoyable and creative. What makes these coding applications so popular is that they are easily accessible to youngsters, and they make learning programming skills simple by following basic procedures.

Coding is about more than simply technical abilities; it also educates young people to reason and creative thinking. These coding applications teach problem-solving, patience, creativity, and tenacity via the use of puzzles, riddles, code games, and challenges. Many free coding websites claim that their coding courses efficiently teach coding, although they are frequently focused on adults looking to change jobs and are ineffective for children. Paid coding websites sometimes encourage you to take a chance on their program without knowing whether or not it is a suitable fit. When it comes down to it, all you really want to know is which free and paid coding websites are reliable.

In this article, we will look at the top coding platforms available, as well as those that provide integrated learning approaches, to help you get your child started with coding or to advance their coding abilities.

We have compiled a list of the top 5 platforms that specialize in teaching one of the most important skills to assist both children and adults in learning the current programming language.

1. CuriousJr

CuriousJr is an online coding platform that delivers a portable, and gamified quality learning experience, aligned with the vision of Atma Nirbhar Bharat and with the purpose of making coding for kids entertaining, interactive, and engaging. CuriousJr is an ideal platform for youngsters who want to learn to code at their own speed, thanks to its doubt sessions and highly interactive UI. CuriousJr, founded in 2020 by Amit Shekhar, Janishar Ali, and Mridul Ranjan, is a mobile-first, vernacular-based internet platform aimed at pupils aged 8 to 17. The Gurugram-based business teaches students how to code using bite-sized information, tests their skills in a practice arena, and publishes their creations on its app store, where they can then share them with friends, family, and the greater community. The portal provides learning content, gamified learning solutions, and doubt clearing sessions, among other things.CuriousJr aspires to be the most trusted learning platform, providing technology-assisted impact-based learning to 500 million children worldwide by 2030. According to CuriousJr Co-founder Janishar Ali, students have produced over 75,000 applications and games on its platform, and the business hopes to reach one million within the next year. CuriousJr is the best mobile coding school for kids. They provide the greatest technology education for children. Their objective is to improve children's learning processes and to prepare them to be tomorrow's creators. According to the emerging potential in technology, the future is bright for technology developers. They teach the fundamentals of app development and game creation using gamified learning and visual programming, which keeps youngsters interested in creating more and more technical tools.CuriousJr's purpose is to prepare children for 21st-century chances and to build such talents beginning at the age of eight. Coding aids in structural thinking and properly expressing your thoughts. Coding was always thought to be a tough topic, but it has become as simple as writing something with math.

2. Code.org

Code.org is a non-profit organization committed to teaching computer programming skills to children of all ages and abilities. The major purpose of this organization is to give every kid the opportunity to learn how to code. With an impressive number of game-like interactive lessons available in multiple languages, as well as exclusive videos in which figures such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and even former President Barack Obama share their knowledge and opinions on the subject of coding – Code.org is truly a great place for getting kids excited about computer sciences and programming.Code.org offers classes on a wide range of coding subjects and stages, including app development, game design, and website building. Aside from that, the company provides App Lab, a program that allows children to easily build and share their ideas. Software Lab is a fantastic web-based coding app that is similar to Scratch in many aspects. Students may use this software to create and distribute basic apps in a couple of seconds. Then, based on their preferences or coding abilities, they may code in JavaScript with blocks or text.

What distinguishes this program is its one-of-a-kind ability to transition from a drag-and-drop block system to "text mode." The ability to switch between these two modes and view their text-based code alongside their block-based sequence enables learning to write code easier than before. App Lab also has an asset manager, which allows students to contribute images and sounds for use in their coding projects. This brings up a plethora of options that will undoubtedly keep students intrigued while experimenting in App Lab.

3. CodaKid

CodaKid is an award-winning online kid’s coding school that teaches computer programming to children through the use of genuine coding languages and professional tools. This is accomplished through teaching children how to program drones, develop professional-grade video games, construct applications, and write Minecraft mods.CodaKid features various app development classes that teach kids how to design their own mobile game applications from the ground up, including Game Programming 1 with JavaScript and Game Programming 2 with JavaScript, with over 500 hours of student projects. The sessions are self-paced and include live help from a staff of super-friendly, seasoned engineers that enjoy working with children. Python programming for kids, Unity3D classes, and even Web Development with HTML/CSS are now available.CodaKid classes are meant to educate children on how to write and completely understand computer programming fundamentals like conditionals, loops, and procedures. CodaKid believes that coding is a talent that can be learned by everyone. Our track record demonstrates that teaching children to code can be a lot of fun and creative. Coding is more than just a career skill to us. It's a really strong and useful instrument that may turn a child's fantasy into reality.

Teaching your children to code does not necessarily imply that you are investing in the future in which they will sit in front of an office computer making programs for their company. Coders make games, animations, and address a wide range of issues. Once your children have mastered the talent, the possibilities are endless! CodaKid's sole purpose is to get youngsters to see the fun side of coding as well as all the possibilities that come with knowing how to properly speak with machines.

4. BitsBox

BitsBox is a fun subscription service that provides youngsters with monthly coding tasks. Even though the emphasis is on having fun, each package has a very useful educational component. BitsBox projects educate youngsters on how to create working apps and apps for real-world devices. Every project's narrative revolves around the principles of free play, mimicry, and repetition. BitsBox breaks down the process of learning to write, for example, in JavaScript, into small, manageable bits that will undoubtedly keep students engaged. It works as follows:

BitsBox will begin sending themed gifts each month after you enroll. Toys, play items, and beautifully drawn books are included in the gifts. Your child may select the project they want to work on. Then, after they've found the one that piques their attention, the instruction takes them to the official BitsBox website. The site will then launch the app on a computer, and they will be required to scan the QR code of the software they wish to test. Users will then have full access to the project and all of its features. Any modifications made on a desktop computer will instantly sync to a phone or tablet.BitsBox is a fun and incredibly helpful tool that tackles learning to code in the same way that it approaches learning any other human language. This firm has a large variety of projects that teach coding to people of all ages and ability levels. They think that your child will never become bored with their service since BitsBox is one of the most friendly and entertaining ways to learn computer programming.

5. CodeCombat

CodeCombat is best suited for older children and encourages the study of various computer programming syntaxes and frameworks. The game is quite simple to set up. All gamers need to do is sign up for an account, log in, and begin playing! New players are permitted to bypass the tutorials and proceed directly to the forest, where the game begins. Of course, this is not recommended for unskilled coders. If your children do not know the ABCs of coding in their sleep, they need to begin from the beginning.

The gameplay is straightforward: When the game begins, the screen is split in half. The right side shows a code editor, and the left shows a labyrinth. The players see their character inside the labyrinth. Players manage their on-screen characters by using Python, JavaScript, and other programming platforms and languages. They force them to travel around, fight, and defeat foes.

To move the character, commands must be entered correctly. Clean coding and intelligent thought are rewarded in the game. Users' soldiers will roam aimlessly about until they are destroyed if they create untidy code or continue to generate robust coding solutions. For newbies, CodeCombat might be difficult at first. However, for those willing to put in the effort, CodeCombat provides an enjoyable learning experience. The games are well-designed, and the suggestions genuinely assist players in overcoming problems and learning essential coding techniques.

The difficulty of the levels and objectives steadily increases, so players are continually pushed and encouraged to try out new concepts and develop their coding abilities. If users get stuck in the game, they may seek assistance from the CodeCombat community. The no-code policy prohibits community members from physically writing lines of code for other players, which is fantastic since it stops your children from cheating their way through the game.

Wrapping it up

Whether your child is interested in learning to code or simply wants to test it out, you can help them along the way by enrolling them in an online coding course. The most important thing to remember is to make sure they're having fun while they're learning.

Coding for kids is becoming increasingly popular as many families see computers as a new literacy that will be as crucial as math and science in the future job market. There are several techniques to selecting appropriate courses for K-12 pupils, and there are no "one-size-fits-all" options.The 5 platforms covered in this article are:

  • CuriousJr
  • Code.ord
  • CodaKid
  • BitsBox
  • CodeCombat

Coding for youngsters does not have to be tedious. Yes, it requires patience and perseverance, but if students realize the reward is a project, game, or software that they are passionate about, they will like coding.

Download CuriousJr for more updates on Coding for Kids. Happy Coding!