Coding on my Mobile

Mobile isn't new technology for us we all are aware of its use and importance, it has become part of our daily life with a good morning to goodnight. They never betray us. According to a study, the number of smartphone users in India was estimated to reach over 760 million in 2021, with the number of smartphone users worldwide to exceed 3.8 billion users in 2021. Why do you think numbers are increasing day by day? A simple reason behind this is the services we get with a 4-4.5 inch device are priceless. Could you even imagine you carry the whole world's data in your pocket and whatnot from a simple calculator to weather details we get all facilities compiled up in a single device?

How Mobile is easing our life?

Some people say smartphones have become an important part of their life and others say mobiles are their life. With such a huge rise in the audience, their popularity seems like never-ending. This pandemic has taught us the importance of Mobile how we were connected to our loved ones without being physically connected(Don't forget social distancing) We have seen a huge jump towards E-learning. Until a few years ago, smartphones were only used for entertainment purposes in India. Today, with the rapid growth of the Internet and smartphones, it is fast gaining popularity as a preferred medium for learning and higher education. According to a report titled 'Online Education in India: 2021' by KPMG India and Google, the Indian online education market is set for a quantum growth of eight times in the next three years. Let's discuss some features that make mobiles one of the top priority in our lives:

  1. Convenience - Earlier if we are planning a short trip we have to carry a book or any game for our entertainment, some food, photocopy of all the required documents, and many more things Can you imagine a short trip with all these stuff becomes messy but nowadays replacements of all these are our Smartphones. Dining Apps, Online Games, and videos whatnot? Everything is in our hands and just a click away.
  2. Portability - Portability means the ability to be easily carried or moved and we all know how portable Smartphones are.
  3. Usability - My niece who is just 4 years old told me how to set my Whatsapp account and not to forget how to download various games. I mean the only memory I have when I was 4 years old is crying and asking for toys. Surely the new generation is keeping up with the technologies. This is also an example of how smartphones have an impact on our kids, Thus when we combine learning with smartphones it becomes much more interesting for our kids.
Coding On Mobile

We have discussed different features that make smartphones a universally adapted technical tool. Now, let's see how coding in mobiles helps our kids in better and improved learning.

Why Coding in Mobile?

Cell phones have brought a whole new meaning to the term multitasking. If Smartphones have become a major part of our personal and professional life then, Why not our coding life? Today’s young generation is far more active than adults. They love to interact with technology. The witnesses are children themselves who are often seen with smartphones. They don’t even need to teach the working of such sophisticated gadgets; just by watching their older ones, they learn to use them.

We have discussed various features that suggest us Mobile helps us in every essential work we do, thus for making coding a part of our essential work let's discuss how coding in mobile will help us to get in touch with coding.

  • The time has been over when kids were associated with books only but these days kids love to be part of new and creative activities and mobile provides them creative platforms.
  • Coding on a mobile device lets you adopt a rapid and iterative development process where you can quickly test out ideas even when you’re away from your desktop or laptop.
  • You will probably amaze your friends when you can whip out your phone or tablet and rapidly code a game or app in no time.

The main reason behind promoting the use of mobile for coding is kids are already familiar with them thus using them to learn new concepts will not be a tough task for them.

How Coding in Mobile?


Read our tagline once more- "Curious Today, Conquer Tomorrow" You have done, your part your curiosity has brought you here, let me help you further. CuriousJr is one stop for all your queries related to coding for kids. We know how precious childhood years are so we have built an app that not only nurtures your kid's mind but helps in their overall personality growth. The start of everything is the most important part, According to psychology, we as humans always tend to judge things in the way they are presented to us. So, In CuriousJr we have taken care of these points as we believe in:-

  • Learning by Doing - Learning is just 20% but doing makes it 100%, It's a hands-on approach to learning, which means students must interact with their environment to adapt and learn. Similarly we teach them and make them do it for better understanding.
  • Gamification of Coding - Mostly kids are attracted to games but what if education is gamified can you imagine how much more interesting studies could be for them. Learning so many subjects and then coding another burden for them but not anymore we at CuriousJr believe in learning while having fun. Whether it's Rock Paper Scissor or tic tac toe we have all in our collection for their fun while learning session.
  • Vernacular Language - Language becomes a barrier to many kids while learning thus we provide multilingual support for better understanding. Now learn at your ease.

We Emphasize on Four-Step Learning Process:

  1. Understand Concepts - In our application, we start teaching with basics and relate every concept with real-life examples for better understanding.
  2. Analyze the problem - We provide a video with a full explanation of the problem, we know our audience is curious minds so we never left any stone unturned.
  3. Code the Problem - After explaining the whole problem we give them a chance to quote their answers, this is an important exercise for their minds. We provide practice exercises for this.
  4. Validating your learning - practice exercise always has hints if they stop anywhere they can take help also last validating the answer helps them to know if they have understood the concept. This small step boosts their confidence.


Hence, We can conclude that Mobile phones are an easily available tool that can provide us fast and easy access to coding. wherever we go it is convenient to carry and not to forget the new generation kids are already aware of using mobile phones which makes it easy for them to learn and code in their mobiles. We have discussed how CuriousJr Application will be solving all the issues students face while E-learning and how creatively students can learn to code using their smartphones which is a convenient method for parents as well as kids.

Keep following CuriousJr for more updates on Coding for Kids.

Happy coding!