CuriousJr Student Leadership Program

Become a leader of coding era

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Why Join leadership Program?

  • Entrepreneurship Skills

CuriousJr leadership program is a well-curated program designed to teach Entrepreneurial skills to you. In addition, you will have the opportunity to be the founder of the Coding Club in your school.

  • Leadership Skills

You will have a sure-shot chance to excel in team building, event management, and community outreach, and this would help give you more confidence.

  • Social Value

Top leaders will become Chief Coding Captain of their school. This program will also help you build an influential personality that will make you shine in your personal life.

  • Earn Curious Coins

Performing leaders will earn Curious Coins, which they can redeem through the CuriousJr app.

  • Certificates

Receive certificates for your great leadership skills!

  • Rewards

Win exciting prizes and branded goodies from CuriousJr.

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Create an active coding club in your school.
  2. Promote coding/programming in the club.
  3. Introduce CuriousJr to students and help them to learn to code.
  4. Organise activities, events, and competitions at the school level.
  5. Bring Participation in CuriousJr events & activities.

How to Apply?
Interested students can fill out our Application form. Please fill every detail correctly; incorrect information may result in the non-evaluation of your application. CuriousJr team will connect with selected students.


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