What are the future opportunities in coding?

When we think of 2030, We imagine a world full of new technologies like flying cars, Robots doing all our work, and what not? All we think now will be possible in the future. With the time we are automating everything we can, whether it's controlling the whole electricity system of our home in just one app on our mobile or getting all security concerns in one click. Can you imagine how a bunch of letters, numbers, and symbols assembled in the perfect order can power an entire software system? Look around you, you can find many examples that fascinate us but just an innovation of coding. The world is evolving so is the technology and everything that evolves introduces us with new opportunities. Let's discuss these opportunities so that your kids could contribute their part in the future.


Self Driving Car was nothing but a dream before 10 years and now you can see the results. A major company Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said the electric car maker will have fully self-driving vehicles on the road by the end of the year. You must be wondering how coding is part of this? Every technology we use is a combined application of coding check your phone what you have? Calculator again a simple application that your child could make just combining some lines of code.

Future Jobs in Programming

Every Company whether its yearly turn over is in billions or lakhs have one thing in common that is the use of IT(Information Technology). Due to COVID'19, we understood for surviving in today's world we need technology. Everything shifted to online, small vendors, shops, and businesses that were not growing with technology faced a huge loss. Many of them started online business made their App, Website, Why? To survive in this ever-evolving world. As people adopt these technologies job opportunities increases due to more investment in this area.

Here are seven of the specialized Tech jobs titles that are expected to be in strong demand for the foreseeable future:

  1. Software Developers - Imagine your life without your smartphone Apps you all rely on. A long calculation in just 10 seconds, reach anywhere in your city with a location guiding app. I know we can't even imagine doing these on our own, and this work made it easy for us by software developers. They are creative masterminds behind all these apps, and with time we can see more and more developments in apps. Thus their jobs are safe in the future.

Most Common programming languages for software developers:

  • Java
  • Python
  • Javascript

2. Data Scientist - Data is one of the important features of every organization because it helps them to make decisions based on statistics numbers and facts. The job of data scientists is to analyze data for insights. Recently in news, we have heard of banning many apps for data security issues you can understand the importance of data with this. With the data, the jobs for data scientists are increasing day by day and showing no sign of slowing thus they have a bright future.

3. Machine Learning Engineer - Machine learning is one of the top emerging fields in the last five years. Automation is part of everything whether it is a self-driving car or automated home systems and where comes the automation we need ML engineers. Their job includes training the model for the implementation of image recognition, Fingerprint recognition, etc. Also, it includes designing and developing machine learning and deep learning systems.

4. Database Administrator - They work with large volumes of data and help clients for managing data online. Their job includes securing and ensuring that computer systems run as efficiently and effectively as possible. If you love analyzing and recovering information this could be the coding career for you.

5. Computer Hardware Engineer - They design new types of information technology devices and also optimize the existing one for their best use. Their job also includes creating blueprints, Modifying designs, working with software engineers, and overseeing the manufacturing process. Mostly Computer hardware engineers work with software engineers as their jobs are related to the development of certain products.

We all have seen how room size supercomputers have been transformed into tablets of our palm size this is because of innovations done by our computer hardware engineers.

6. Business Intelligence Analyst - A business intelligence analyst is a person who analyzes the data used by a business or the organization. The data helps the company in decision making and maximize the growth of the company. A business intelligence analyst is responsible for providing business intelligence solutions. With the help of data analysis, data visualizations, and data modeling techniques, the business intelligence analyst can improve the way manager, executives, and other departments improve and modernize processes in the organization. Business intelligence analysts handle data analysis and data modeling designs by data collected through various data basis by the organization. To become a good data analyst, you need to have a few hard skills like programming, data modeling, and statistics.

7. DevOps Engineer - DevOps engineers mainly work in the production of software and bridges the gap between software developers and IT staff. Their job is to find where the software is inefficient and ensure that everything runs as efficiently as possible. if any problem is found they do software configuring by monitoring the software, troubleshooting it. The best part is, most tech companies are now open to remote work as telecommuting becomes easier. DevOps Engineer one of the highest-paid remote jobs today.

Non-Technical Jobs that are related to Coding

Many people have misconceptions that coding is for only those people who want to be a programmer or developer. No that's not true there are many jobs you can land easily if you are aware of the basics of coding. Let's see some examples to clear this myth:

1. Technical Writer

As the name suggests, you can guess what this job is about they write technical content that can take further turns like technical documents, manuals, and tutorials. Technical writers who know how to code are preferred because they have experienced thus could understand the customer in a better way than non-coders. Isn't it?

2. Product Manager

Product Manager who works in technology-driven companies acts as a mediator between higher executives and the ground team of developers and programmers. Thus with the knowledge of coding they can choose the team wisely and make better decisions.

3. Customer Support

Their work varies from company to company but some general work they usually do include application installation problems, troubleshooting, etc. This work becomes easy for them if the overall knowledge of technology exists in them.

Many other jobs fit in this category but for the fair idea, these are enough. Moving on, According to a survey conducted by EDC on Global Developer Population and Demographic Study, there were 23 million developers worldwide in 2018 with projections to reach 27.7 million within five years. And with the demand for software engineers increasing at least for the foreseeable future, if you are planning to make a career in it, it's a safe and a good choice.

Those days are gone when coding was not everyone's meal. It is highly accessible and promoted by the government. Nowadays, It seems like everybody needs software, and every software needs updates and support, and who will provide this update and support? It could be anyone but one thing that they need to know is coding.

Jobs that are in danger due to Artificial Intelligence

With the evolution and emerging technology, one question is worrying most of the people in the IT Industry that is Will Robots take my job?

Let us discuss some jobs that are in danger of losing a job to Artificial intelligence:-

  1. Telemarketers - You might have heard robots calling you on behalf of telemarketers. It is assumed that with time whether it is credit card calls or general reminder calls everything will be done by robots.
  2. Computer Support Specialists - There are specific guidelines assigned for certain hardware and also with everything being mentioned on the internet with a step-by-step guide and hacks thus in the future to reduce the manpower company will rely more on bots and automation to answer support questions.
  3. Market Research Analysts - The main job of market research analysts is developing messaging, content, and products but with the emerging technology, this work could be done in less time and more easily by automated AI. Growthbot, for example, is a simple chatbot used for marketing and can conduct market research on nearby businesses and competitors with a simple Slack command.
  4. Waiter, Waitress, and chef - This Pandemic has shown us how getting in touch with more people could get us in a problem. In developed countries like the U.S, many Coffe shops have Automatic Vending Machines which reduces the work of waiters. Also, Spyce a new generation robotic kitchen developed by a bunch of MIT students. Most preparation is done automatically taking no more than 3 minutes. The robotic kitchen receives information about customers’ orders wirelessly from the database of the self-service menu kiosks eliminating the work of chefs. Another example is the Robot.he, the Chinese business giant, Alibaba Group, opened its technological restaurant in Shanghai where robots serve the food instead of waiters. Human personnel is responsible for greeting new customers, helping them with their orders, and preparing food.
  5. Bookkeeping Clerks - Bookkeeping is a tedious task and We already have some software like Quickbooks and Microsoft Office that does the bookkeeping for you and they are much more affordable than a person's salary, so it's no surprise this job has such a high probability of being replaced by Artificial Intelligence.
  6. Data Entry - Receipt Bot makes Data Entry super easy, saving you time and money. Entrepreneurs and Businesses organize bills, invoices, receipts, bank, and card statements with Receipt Bot mobile or web app. We don't need Data Entry which involves a lot of time and manual Work which could involve mistakes Thus for a better and fast work Data Entry job will be fully automated soon.
  7. Compensation and Benefits Managers - The main job of compensation and benefits managers include planning, directing, or coordinating compensation and benefits activities of an organization. Automated benefits systems can save time and effort for providing better benefits to large numbers of employees in an organization, and company like Ultipro which is a Human Capital Management (HCM) solution that helps simplify complex HR processes and provide powerful insights about your workforce is being widely adopted.

Many other jobs will be affected due to this automation but with the positive side, there are always some negative points. We should understand humans have created those machines We are much smarter than them some qualities we possess as humans can't be overcome by machines.

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Happy coding!