Why should kids start learning to code on mobile?

Coding has always been an interesting topic. It is not wrong if we compare coding to a roller coaster ride of emotions. Coding teaches adds a lot more to our personality than we expect. If I have to sum up coding in three words, it is: Learn, Implement, and Impact.

  • Learning new concepts
  • Implementing those concepts
  • Impact (Output)

And, the best part is this infinite loop of learning never stops. Because each time you get a chance to update yourself with some new and better tech stack. Exciting, isn’t it? But, what if we get a chance to learn these concepts on our mobile phones. It would be more exciting !! Yes, I know. This blog will clear all your doubts on “How can kids start learning to code on mobile phones?”But, First, let’s have a look at why kids should learn to code?

  • Coding gives birth to problem solvers
    Coding and programming are all about solving tough scenarios that may result in something far beyond our scope of understanding. Most of us have grown up as solution seekers. We try to look for solutions that already exist around us but very few of us have tried to find a new solution to the same problem or a new solution to a whole new problem. The kids who have grown by the latter, i.e. by creating their versions of solutions to solve the problems they have faced, are the same kids who grow up to become coders and programmers because they are the natural problem solvers.
    Later in life, coding becomes just a way to express themselves and create solutions in a more optimized way, and a tool that helps them to do what they love.

    Kids, if taught coding from the beginning, can learn and find new ways to solve problems and it can also exploit the hidden potential of the geniuses that we might have around us in the coming generations.
  • Coding is The Future
    The whole world as we know it now is dependent upon technology for literally everything. From the screen at which you are reading this text to the message that you will send to your relatives and friends on your mobile devices, everything is a gift to the world from coders.
    Studies show that 80% of the world’s jobs will require coders at some point in every organization in the next 10 years. Manual labor is being replaced by machines at an unbelievable rate, and all those machines are programmed by programmers only. Coders are needed by every company to survive in today’s world. Right from the establishment of the company to its success, coders have a large share of rightful credit to their names in making any company that big.
    So it is safe to assume that coding has the largest job providing potential right now in the world over any other skill.
  • The software Industry is ever-growing
    No matter how excellent an app or software is released in the market, there will always some scope of improvement which will never be satiated. This industry will probably never see a full stop like many other industries that have either stopped progressing or are progressing at such a pace that it is almost good to assume as null. E.g. if we take Apple as a company. Every iPhone that they launch, seems like the ultimate device and there can be nothing beyond it. But they always bring something even better than the previous time which gives us the same feeling of being the ultimate device. The mobile industry started with no cameras, then we started to see cameras on mobile devices, which later turned into two lens cameras, and now, we have four to even five lens cameras on some mobile devices. So, as we can see, there are endless possibilities in this field with forever expanding imagination that makes it look like a solid choice to make kids a coder from the very beginning.
  • Builds love for math
    Math is an integral part of coding. Different algorithms and data structures are all based on mathematical functions that are used by coders while programming. Learning to program involves different skills such as analyzing and organizing data accordingly. This also helps the children to build their logical reasoning skills which is super important and can help them in creating their projects and stuff that will further get them hooked to the amazing potential of this field. There is a brilliant quote regarding this exact matter that I would like you all to have a deep focus on, “It is about becoming a mathematical thinker rather than a calculator”. This emphasizes how the people involved with math should approach it which comes naturally to coders because they have always abided by this principle only. Programmers are nothing but mathematical thinkers.
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Now we know why kids should be taught programming from an early age, but another important thing that we should not forget that they should also know how to code on mobile. Why so? Allow me to throw some light on that. Kids are kids after all, which means that the first proper technological device that they’ll get their hands on is probably mobile and not a laptop or desktop. And if they learn to program on a mobile device then it will become convenient for them later in life because by that time they will have become used to programming on mobile they will start to enjoy it. Getting used to programming on mobile has some great advantages. Mobile is more portable than the laptop can allow kids to do what they love (coding in this case) on the go. They can also explore new features and perform different tasks on the mobile itself where they can run and test their codes. And as there are a limited number of good mobile compilers, it is highly possible that the kids can find out the loopholes and develop their own, better version of compilers for mobiles to help kids like them code on mobiles. Coding on mobile is still not very common and it still needs a lot of improvement from developers. But this also means that the kids who can code using mobiles will be rare, and can be considered exceptionally talented individuals. And this positive sense can help them massively boost their confidence and presentational capabilities. Plus, this will mean that the kids can do something very productive on mobile phones rather than wasting their time playing useless games. Or even better, they can create their games once they get a hang of it.

Moreover, We at Curious Junior are working on Coding On Mobile to help these student developers code on their mobile phones, so that laptops or big screens no longer be a barrier to their learning. We have come up with its unique pattern of learning which comprises 3 levels:

  • Beginner: Block coding and introduction to text coding with drag and drop
  • Intermediate: Advance Block coding and Text coding with drag and drop feature
  • Advance: Advance Block, Advance text drag and drop, and more languages like python, Java, C++, etc.

Moreover, we focus on 4 step impact-based learning which every modern developer in the current age does:

  • Learn in videos
  • Practice and Code
  • Validate in Quiz
  • And finally, publish apps and games to see the impact.

All of this is made available on mobile which gives you easier accessibility, where gamification of the concepts has made it easier for kids to keep them hooked and consistent at Learning. Eventually, this type of learning will make the kids advanced for their age and this will result in the next generation becoming even more technically advanced than their previous generations.

Keep following CuriousJr for more updates on Coding for Kids. Happy coding!