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  1. India and Start-ups
  2. The year of start-ups: 2021
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India and Start-ups

With around 60,000 firms, India is the world's third-largest startup ecosystem. These companies are not only creating unique solutions and technology, but they are also creating large-scale jobs. Today, India is home to one of the world's 50+ unicorns. So far, India has produced four decacorns (businesses valued at USD 10 billion or more): Flipkart, Paytm, Byju's, and Oyo Rooms. According to reports, 2021 would be a watershed moment for Indian businesses going public. Through public offerings, 11 Indian firms (including 8 unicorns) raised around $7.16 billion. With an issue size of Rs 18,300 crore (about $2.46 billion), One97 Communication (Paytm) raised India's largest-ever IPO.

The year of start-ups: 2021

2021 has definitely been a great year for start-ups and the Indian Government acknowledges it with pride. As you might have heard, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that January 16 will be designated as National Startup Day. The move was announced to aid in the expansion of the startup culture throughout India. The PM stated that the year 2022 has offered more fresh chances for India's start-up industry, and that the organization of Start-Up India Innovation Week is especially significant in the 75th year of India's independence. Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with around 150 companies on January 15 to help the country's startup ecosystem, according to the Prime Minister's Office (PMO).

This engagement includes startups from a variety of industries, including agriculture, health, enterprise systems, space, industry 4.0, security, fintech, and the environment. According to the PMO, more than 150 companies have been grouped into six working groups based on themes such as Growing from Roots, Nudging the DNA, From Local to Global, Future Technology, Building Champions in Manufacturing, and Sustainable Development.

"India's Young Innovators"

CuriousJr. also aims to do its part in encouraging this Start-up culture. With the “India’s Young Innovators” initiative CuriousJr. plans to provide mentorship to the young budding entrepreneurial minds of the country. We at CuriousJr. understand that the creativity, curiosity, and entrepreneurial mindsets need to be nurtured at a very young age which is why this initiative will give the young bright minds between 6th and 12th grades a platform to ideate, share, get mentored and thereby preserve this self-starting instinct.

Why should entrepreneurship be promoted from a young age? Promoting entrepreneurship is a critical component of ensuring national and regional economic growth. Entrepreneurship among young people has the potential to directly motivate them while also favourably influencing the generations and communities in which it functions. Successful young entrepreneurs understand those parts that carry concepts that will contribute to the business's success and have the availability to conquer business segments that other entrepreneurs have overlooked.

Over the last several years, one of the major issues that has persisted is the employment of young people. Is this because children and young minds are losing their originality and hunger to be ideators and leaders? Can we do something to provide out kids with the right environment that encourages creativity and doesn’t instead limit it?

So come together and join hands with CuriousJr. on the occasion of the first National Start-up Day and be a part of the movement that will ensure that these young minds are the budding leaders of the modern world.

Happy Learning and a very happy National Startups Day!

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