Top 8 Fields in Software Development

Software Development is the process involving designing, programming, testing, documenting, and bug fixing while creating and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components. But is this all? No, this is huge and consists of several other fields that are dominant in the job hunt. Let us understand, What are different fields in software development and their requirements in future jobs.

Front-end Development

It is also known as client-side development. Web design defines the look of the website, front-end development defines how that design gets implemented on the web. Mainly, HTML, CSS, and Javascript are used for websites or web applications. While HTML defines the basic structure of the website which is further enhanced by CSS and javascript. CSS is used to control formatting, presentation, and layout of the website whereas javascript provides dynamic features and controls the behavior of different elements. The objective of designing a site is to ensure that when the users open up the site they see the information in a format that is easy to read and relevant

Next time you visit a website try to notice various features that are provided for our convenience, it makes it easy browsing and better interaction on the website. Yes, everything is in the hand of the front-end engineer.

Job Perspective - When we see the bigger picture of the front-end development, we can see the main job includes catering to the requirements of the users. Thus with the time, many predictions are done about the increase in usage of mobile devices but with a smaller screen size thus the need of users to tapping clicking and viewing the data without facing any problem will be fulfilled by the front-end developers which will indirectly result in the rise of jobs in Front-end development.

Back-end Development

It is also known as server-side development. This mainly includes functional core logic, performance, and scalability of a piece of software or system on remote machines. Unlike front-end development, the work done by backend developers is not visible to users but major functionalities used by clients are provided by them.

Understand this with an example, you must have googled at some time in your life. Isn't it so easy just to type your question and find your solution? But this whole simple process is hiding a complex job done by the backend developer which includes crawling the web, index it, and finding what you are looking for with a growing array of sophisticated mechanisms. A back-end development includes working with programming languages such as Java, C, C++, Ruby, Perl, Python, Scala, Go, etc. Back-end developers often need to integrate with a vast array of services such as databases, data storage systems, caching systems, logging systems, email systems, etc.

Job Perspective - back-end development is a hectic job that includes complex code and connection thus involves errors done by humans thus Artificial Intelligence(AI) could be used to solve this problem and do the work in an optimized and error-free way. Thus, some parts of this development can be done by AI in the future.

Full-stack Development

We love multiple features in one thing then why not 2 jobs done by one person, this reduces the problems faced by different people to connect for resolving a problem. It refers to the development of both front end(client-side) and back end(server-side) portions of the web application. In short, they can develop a complete web application and websites on their own. Apart from this, tools and technologies that simplified the integration of client-side and server-side programming had entered the market. This helped the growth of full-stack developers.

Job perspective - Full-stack developers are in high demand as they perform the work of two jobs(front-end and Back-end developers). Thus reducing man-power and results in eye-catching salaries, They can work on multiple technologies that make them versatile. With emerging technology and tools developers need to make changes in applications whether it’s taking on a new responsibility or making tweaks to the final product, full-stack developers can handle it all. Thus they have a huge demand now and will be there in the future.

Mobile Development

We all are aware of the uses of mobile and how big a role it is playing in our life. But what makes them so much interesting for us? isn't the applications we use? Mobile development involves designing and creating applications that run on devices such as iPhones and Android devices. Either it's an ordinary chess game or app finding a restaurant for lunch or catching up with news, to the random, such as reminding you to drink water throughout the day we have all in one small device. This huge bracket of uses is catching a lot of buzz for mobile development.

What you need to know: Android, Swift (for iOS), Objective C, HTML5, Java, C#, etc.

Job Perspective - The industry has a great demand for new mobile developers now, and one can safely assume for the future as well. This year 2020, we’ve been seen hundreds of billions of downloads for mobile apps across all platforms, and we’re expecting to see more in the future. Thus, a rise in the demand will be surely seen but there could be certain changes to the work like there will be more tools available which will reduce the work done and make it error-free.

Application Development

This is considered an original type of programming, many people confuse this with mobile development but the major difference between them is Application development is not restricted to smartphone mobile application. It can also include developing a new type of application for computers or other electronic devices (such as car navigation systems). If you have a smartphone or computer tablet, you probably have used some game apps, news apps, or even map apps to help you find the local coffee shop. Application development is the name of the profession that employs people who design, develop, and deploy these computer applications.

Languages used in Application development are Java, VB.NET, C/C++, C#, Python.

Job Perspective - Applications have become an important part of our lives today we use various applications for our entertainment, knowledge, etc thus the jobs in this field are present will keep evolving because of demand for the applications. Although we are already using AI algorithms to improve customer satisfaction in various applications including Netflix, amazon prime, etc. Thus in the future, the job will be there but with more advanced tools reducing workload.

Big Data Development

Big Data is a term that represents a vast amount of data. Why do we need to store them? To get insightful details from them which is useful for many organizations. Big Data development includes writing programs to store and retrieve vast amounts of data in systems such as data warehouses, ETL (Extract Transform Load) systems, relational databases, data lakes management systems, etc.

There are many terms with which they should be aware like; MapReduce, Hadoop, and spark, and languages used by them include SQL, Java, Python, and R.

Job Perspective - Data is an essential part of many fields thus the use of storing and retrieving data will be exponentially increased thus the job of big data developers will always be there without any doubt. Apache Hadoop is a java based free software framework that can effectively store a large amount of data in a cluster. Microsoft HDInsight is a Big Data solution from Microsoft powered by Apache Hadoop which is available as a service in the cloud. Many other tools are helpful in this job.

Data Scientist

Data helps us in making decisions based on statistics numbers and facts. We have already discussed how big data is stored now let us understand why exactly we store that data? Insights of data help us in taking better decisions, the data scientist writes software programs to analyze various data sets. They are often in charge of statistical analysis, machine learning, data visualization, and predictive modeling.

SQL, R, and Python are the languages required to be a data scientist and often used by them.

Job perspective - We all understood the importance of data by the action of our government to ban more than 60 apps suspicious to data-stealing, thus till the time, we have data we need data scientists for better insights and analysis. Although there are predictions that they will be replaced by new operating models that expect all employees to use these tools to justify every decision. They will be replaced by the mountain of government programs that companies are investing in such that ordinary experts can tap into data. But still, data scientists will be there as deep diving statistical experts, as well as in the form of programmers who know how to build new and operationalize new models.

Cloud Computing

The traditional way of storing the files and data in local storage has become old nowadays we have more efficient ways like a cloud. Cloud computing services use networks of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store and manage data rather than using a personal computer or local server. They help us in reducing costs, better availability, and security. This is part of the big changes taking place in our technological world. Thus the work of developers involved in cloud computing is developing software that power cloud storage services like Amazon Web Service, Onedrive, and Github.

Java, XML, R, Erlang, and Google’s Go! are languages one should know to work as a developer for cloud computing

Job Perspective - Cloud computing is one of the emerging technology. Various job titles like cloud support engineers, Infrastructure cloud computing consulting, and cloud storage support engineers are available, and getting high pay for their jobs. Thus with the shifting of organizations from the traditional way of storage to the cloud will increase more and more jobs in this field.


There are endless fields in which software developers can dive into, whether it is creating android games like pubg, candy crush saga, pokemon go, etc or application software for our health status, there are way more possibilities in this field. We have discussed the top 8 fields which are dominating the Technical world with their job perspective explaining whether these jobs will be as important as they are now, in the future. Technology evolves so fast that we have to keep our pace comparable to survive. Once we choose a path in software development we have a lake full of new terms and knowledge, You all can choose to stick with one path or learn new things. The choice is all yours.

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Happy coding!