What is the importance of Coding and its application?

Firstly, let's understand what is coding and then its application. 21st Century is dominated by technology and coding is a tool to create any technology.

Coding/Programming is a way to instruct the computer to perform specific tasks. These instructions are given in the computer language which computers can understand. These languages are known as C, Java, Python, Lua, etc. Learning to code help in enhancing the logical thinking and problem solving, whereas knowledge of coding help you create new application/software to help others in communicating to computer efficiently.

CuriousJr Team has designed the modules which help Kids learn to code with visual learning instead of writing the actual syntax at a beginner level. This helps them learn the logic behind the code. Once they understood the logic, we help them learn traditional programming like C, Java, Python, etc through advanced modules.

Coding learning journey helps in improvement of three skills from childhood which are:

  • Brain Development
  • Communication
  • Entrepreneurship Mindset

These three things prepare your kids to become future leaders and pursue curiosity in their minds.

Computers have occupied a major part of our life which will keep increasing with time. The future will have even car driven themselves. To become part of the future with the required set of skills, and to thrive professionally coding is becoming a must-do skill like maths.

Applications of Coding

Let’s understand this from the first thing we have in our hand- SmartPhone.

All the application inside this phone and even the configuration of hardware requires coding skill. As we speak in any language to communicate with the other person, coding as language is helping us communicate with machines and then to the users of the machine.

Self Driving Car

Apart from home devices like smartphones, TV, etc. Computer coding applications will be the most important part of our life because the upcoming time will have self-driving cars, automated machines to do what humans can do as of now.

Also, artificial intelligence has the power to replicate human work and, learn and evolve during the process.

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Happy coding!